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Bamboo set

Our Bamboo set has been developed for an affordable and sustainable funeral. The set consists of the biological Basic shroud and the sustainable Bamboo carrier.

NOTE: some crematoriums require a cremation input board.

Pillow (cotton)

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Cremation input board

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Wool mattress - Basic carrier, Willow carrier and Bamboo carrier

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Ordered before 5 p.m., delivered tomorrow (except for Sundays and public holidays)

Quality & size

The shroud is made of biological flannel, and the carrier is made with biological bamboo and rotan. Length 210cm Width 65cm

Shipping & Returns

Netherlands and Belgium: order today before 5 pm, and it will be delivered tomorrow (except for Sundays and public holidays). Returns or exchanges can be made within 14 days of purchase. For world wide shipment please contact us through email. 

Basic Shroud

The Basic shroud is made of biological flanel. This natural fabric has an elegant look due to its softness and the suppleness with which it can be draped. The shroud is made of a single piece, which means there is no seam in the middle. This is special, given that most weaving machines are limited to a width of 150cm.


Bamboo carrier

The Bamboo carrier is an eco friendly carrier. It is made of bamboo sticks that are weaved together with rotan, a vine from Indonesia. When used for a cremation, this carrier requires an additional cremation input board.

Bamboe Baar - Wikkelgoed 3_LR
Bamboe Baar
Bamboe baar


In the often hectic days of processing and mourning, intimate moments are very valuable. A shroud can be folded alone or by a small group of relatives, which is a memorable ritual. The extent to which the shroud is open or closed can be decided by yourself. It is also possible to close the shroud a little further every day, extending the process of final closure.

Natuurset, bamboe baar en basic wade

100% biological

The shrouds are made in Tamil Nadu, South-India, by Umaselvan. The flannel is made with 100% biological cotton, and the entire production process is GOTS certified. This makes the Basic shroud a responsible choice.

The fabric

Basic wade en set
Gots gecertificeerd - Wikkelgoed


The entire production process of the Soft shroud is GOTS-certified. This certificate guarantees that the whole production process is sustainable: no pesticides or fertilizers are used. It also dictates strict requirements regarding working conditions.

Gots certificate
Wikkelgoed vouwwijze

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this helps you find the information you need.


Is a carrier required when I decide to use a shroud?

If the shroud is only to be used at a home ceremony, a bier is not required. In order to use the shroud for a burial or cremation as an alternative for a coffin, however, a carrier is required

Can a carrier be bought now, and be stored for later?

Even though they take up a lot of space, it is possible to store a carrier for a long time. We would advice you to store the carrier in a cotton bag to prevent it from becoming gray from dust.

What is the best way to transport a carrier in a hearse?

When transporting a body on a carrier in a car, it is important to carefully tie the body to the carrier. The carrier must be stable so that it won't move too much with bumps or turns on the road.

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