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Dag en Nacht wade

Day & Night shroud

The Day & Night shroud consists of two parts. One half of the shroud is white, and the other half is midnight blue.


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Pillow (cotton)

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Ordered before 5 p.m., delivered tomorrow (except for Sundays and public holidays)

Quality & size

The measurements of this shroud are suitable for all postures. The shroud is made of sturdy canvas fabric.

Shipping & Returns

Netherlands and Belgium: ordered before 5 pm, delivered the next day (except for Sundays and public holidays). Returns or exchanges can be made within 14 days of purchase. For worldwide shipment, please contact us through email. 

The Day and Night shroud

The Day and Night shroud is made of canvas fabric. One side is dyed midnight blue, and the other is colored off-white. This way, folding the shroud creates an interesting pattern.

Dag & Nacht lijkwade


The color difference in the Day and Night shroud aloows you to change its appearance. You can choose, when folding the shroud, whether the night blue or the off white side is more visible. Even more, when folding the shroud step by step, you will use the  the black and white side alternatingly. Shrouding is a warm symbolic step in the process of saying farewell.

Dag & Nacht lijkwade
Dag & Nacht lijkwade
Dag & Nacht lijkwade

The fabric

Dag & Nacht lijkwade

The carrier

In order to use a shroud for a cremation or burial, a Carrier is required. We offer various carriers that fit the Day & night shroud nicely, like the  Willow shell en de Curved carrier.

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Dag & Nacht lijkwade
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Frequently asked questions

In order to answer your questions, we have listed a few frequently asked questions.


What is the best way to fold a shroud?

There are two ways to fold a shroud. Both instructions are supplied with the shroud. They can also be found below:
Shroud folding instructions

Is it possible to cremate without the use of a coffin?

Yes, in the Netherlands cremation without a coffin is legally allowed. The only requirement is that a shroud and a carrier are used. There might, however, be crematoriums that have less experience in such cremations, so always be sure to discuss this with your funeral director.
Cremation input board

Can the shroud be tied to the carrier?

Yes, we offer special hemp and wool straps that can be used to tie the body to the carrier. You can find the straps with the link below:
Shroud straps

All frequently asked questions