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Folding a shroud

In the often hectic days of processing and mourning, intimate moments are very valuable. When organizing a funeral, however, a lot must be handed over to others, which makes these intimate moments more rare than one might wish. When a shroud is used, the shroud can be folded by an intimate circle of loved ones. Often such treatments are done by an outsider, while such a moment can be very intimate. 

A cherished ritual

Shrouding is often experienced as a dear ritual. Preceding the funeral or cremation, the family can take a moment alone with their relative who has passed away. Together they prepare themselves and their relative for this final farewell. By doing this yourself, everyone can take as much time as they need. For example, it is possible to close a shroud bit by bit over the course of a few days. Extending this process can be a heartwarming symbolic display of the course of saying farewell.

Making a personal funeral shroud

It is not often that we think about how much clothing attributes to the experience of saying farewell. In order to allow people to personalize their shroud, we offer our fabrics in a natural ecru color. You can decide to stitch an embroidery to the shroud, or even paint or draw on it. A shroud also allows relatives to place small letters or flowers between the folds of the shroud, and add keepsakes. This way a funeral shroud can be given personal meaning.

Folding a shroud: Instructions

Shrouding is not difficult, and can be done easily by relatives. There are two ways to fold the shroud. The image below demonstrates the process.

Folding instructions for open display

For an open display, the shroud can be folded so that the head is still visible, lined by the shroud's fabric. The fabric can be draped in folds around the head. This method is often used for home ceremonies.

Folding instructions for closed display

For a closed display, the folding method starts the same, and halfway the head is covered. This happens the same way as with the feet.

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