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Willow carrier

The Willow carrier is a carrier made of willow branches and stems.

NOTE: for cremation, a cremation input board is required.


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Cremation input board

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Pillow (cotton)

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Quality & size

The carrier is made with biologically grown willow branches and stems. Length 210cm Width 65cm

Shipping & Returns

Netherlands and Belgium: order today before 5 pm, and it will be delivered tomorrow (except for Sundays and public holidays). Returns or exchanges can be made within 14 days of purchase. For world wide shipment please contact us through email. 

Willow branches and stems

The Willow carrier is made by a professional basket weaver, who grows the willow branches locally. All the wood that is used is removed for pruning, so no trees are cut down in the process. This makes the Willow carrier perfectly suitable for a ‘green’ funeral.



The Willow carrier can be carried by the outer branches. The carrier is very light and easy to handle, making it suitable to be carried by a maximum of six people. It is possible to bind the body and shroud to the carrier with one of our shroud straps.


Cremation input board

Some crematoriums require a carrier to have a flat bottom plate and an upright edge. In such cases, a cremation input board must be used. Always discuss the situation with the crematorium to prevent misunderstandings.

Approved by Greenleave


This product has been selected by GreenLeave as a sustainable funeral alternative. GreenLeave is a foundation that funeral directors can join to show that their work is sustainable. All participants follow five core principles: good employment practices, sustainable business operations, sustainable purchasing, fair business and social involvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a cremation input board always required?

With crematoriums that require a carrier to have a flat bottom plate and an upright edge, the carriers that don't meet these requirements will need to be supplemented with a cremation input board. Always discuss the situation with the crematorium to prevent misunderstandings.
cremation input board

Can a carrier be bought now, and be stored for later?

Even though they take up a lot of space, it is possible to store a carrier for a long time. We would advice you to store the carrier in a cotton bag to prevent it from becoming gray from dust.

What is the best way to transport a carrier in a hearse?

When transporting a body on a carrier in a car, it is important to carefully tie the body to the carrier. The carrier must be stable so that it won't move too much with bumps or turns on the road.

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