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The story of Wikkelgoed

About us

We would like to tell you more about the history of Wikkelgoed, about us personally and about our ideas about the funeral world.

Wikkelgoed, a personal and gentle funeral

When shrouded in fabric, someone who is passed away becomes soft and approachable. This makes the process of saying farewell more intimate and personal, the fabric inviting relatives to feel comfortable around the body. We have experienced that this has e positive influence on the process of mourning. This is why our shrouds are made of soft fabrics, one sturdier than the other; each person has their own wishes.

Wikkelgoed and the sustainable funeral

Sustainability is not an easy theme when it comes to the funeral world. For each cremation around 60 cubic meters of gas is used, and the use of soil for burial sites has a large impact on the environment. This is why we aim to manufacture our products in the most ecofriendly way.

Ecofriendly alternatives

Not only do we aim for ecofriendly production, we also support new sustainable funeral alternatives.

More and more people are interested in Natural Burial, a new phenomenon that involves burial in a nature reserve. This allows for the reserve to become protected by law and generates money that is used for maintenance and development of this reserve. If you select the Natural burial filter in our web shop you will see which of our products are suitable for natural burial.

The newest development in the funerary world is Resomation. This is a gentler and environmentally sustainable end of life option that uses water. In a special machine, the natural decomposition which a body goes through is accelerated to a total of three hours. Research has shown that Resomation has seven times less CO2 emissions than cremation. Resomation is expected to be possible in the Netherlands in early 2022. In the meantime, we are designing products that can be used for a gentle and sustainable resomation.

Our founder

Wikkelgoed was founded by Monique Rang in the year 2000. Her mother and grandmother’s passing had shown her that a funeral with the use of a shroud was a heartwarming alternative to a funeral with a coffin. Sharing this with the rest of her world became her mission. For years she worked as a pioneer in order show people what the value of shrouding is. At the time of her own passing, she was shrouded in one of her own fabrics.

Funeral shroud pioneer MOnique Rang


Nowadays, Wikkelgoed is led by Robbe, Monique’s son. After experiencing the use of a shroud with the passing of his mother, he remained impressed with the impact this ritual had made.

For years he ran Wikkelgoed alongside his fast-growing maintenance company. He realized however that this was too much. As he says it himself: “I had to change my course. I asked myself what really makes me happy.” This turned out to be Wikkelgoed, because it offers a place for his pioneer spirit.

Like mother like son. “her goal was, and my goal is, to innovate. At this very moment, especially with the emergence of Resomation, there are so many possibilities in the funeral world. Given that a coffin cannot be used in a Resomator, it is our job to use our fabrics to find suitable alternatives. Offering such an alternative and inspiring change, that is what I strive for. Wikkelgoed has regained my full attention, and that feels really good.”

Funeral shroud producer Robbe


For a number of years now, Robbe is assisted by Jelle. As a content creator he works on spreading Wikkelgoed’s vision, and he collaborated with the Dutch Resomation ambassador Vincent van Leest on the Resomation college tour.

“With innovations such as Resomation, it is important that people who choose to be resomated will not have to deal with complications along the way. This is why we use our network of experienced funeral directors to have the essential products ready at the moment the first Resomators are up and running.”

In Robbe’s words, his curiosity, creativity, flexibility, responsibility and drive are a very welcome addition to Wikkelgoed. As he says himself: “To me, it is very special to work for a company like this, because my work invites me to think about things I would otherwise not consider. Before I started working here I had never heard of funeral shrouds, but now I can’t imagine a funeral without them.