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Thick wool shroud

Our Thick wool shroud is a sustainable and locally produced shroud made of 100% Dutch wool.


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Pillow (cotton)

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Quality & size

The dimensions of this shroud are suitable for everyone.

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Netherlands and Belgium: order today before 5 pm, and it will be delivered tomorrow (except for Sundays and public holidays). Returns or exchanges can be made within 14 days of purchase. For worldwide shipment, please contact us through email. 

100% Dutch wool

The Thick wool shroud is made of 100% Dutch wool. The wool is firm, thick and remarkably soft, so that the body can be enveloped in a pleasant and dignified way. The thickness of the fabric means that the shroud is folded differently, in order for the fabric to cover the body evenly.



In the often hectic days of processing and mourning, intimate moments are very valuable. Folding a shroud can be done alone or by a small group of relatives, which is often experienced as a memorable ritual. The extent to which the shroud is open or closed can be decided by yourself. It is also possible to close the shroud a little further every day, extending the process of final closure.


Sustainable and local wool

One of the special things about this fabric is that it is produced locally, as wool weaving mills have slowly disappeared from the Netherlands in recent years. Since then, almost all local wool has been exported as a residual product to Chinese weaving mills, or burned as a waste product. The wool of our Thick wool shroud comes from sheep herds used for nature conservation.


The fabric


The carrier

In order to use a shroud at a cremation or burial, the use of a carrier is required. We offer various carriers that fit nicely with the Thick wool shroud, such as the Willow shell and the Willow carrier.

Approved by Greenleave


This product has been selected by GreenLeave as a sustainable funeral alternative. GreenLeave is a foundation that funeral directors can join to show that their work is sustainable. All participants follow five core principles: good employment practices, sustainable business operations, sustainable purchasing, fair business and social involvement.

Wikkelgoed vouwwijze

Frequently asked questions

In order to answer your questions, we have listed a few frequently asked questions.


What is the best way to fold a shroud?

There are two ways in which the shroud can be folded. The instructions for this are always included with the shroud, and can be found on the page mentioned below.
Folding a shroud

It is possible to cremate with a shroud?

Yes. A shroud, in combination with a carrier, can be used for cremation. Most crematoriums require the use a Cremation input board if the carrier does not have a flat bottom. Therefore, make sure to always contact the crematorium you have in mind.
Cremation input board

Is it possibly to order a shroud now, and store it for a long time?

A shroud can be stored for years as long as it is kept in a dark room. It is best to remove the shroud from the plastic and place it in a cotton cover or pillowcase. It is also good to air the shroud once a year.

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