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Delivery and costs

The information listed below applies to deliveries in the Netherlands and Belgium only. For information on world wide shipment please contact us through email. 

We guarantee that your product is delivered on time, according to agreement. This is important to us, because you must be able to count on us in this time of mourning. We also want to make sure that our products can be delivered every day of the week. This is why we work with a courier who is always ready for delivery.

Next day delivery (regular)

There are multiple delivery options. Our regular option is our 'next day delivery'. Ordered before 17:00, delivered the next day between 08:00 and 18:00. This is a standard rate delivery, €67,- for a carrier or set, and €18,- for a shroud, gown, strap or book. On Sundays, the 'immediate departure' rate applies for to option.

Same day delivery

Our second option is the 'same day delivery'. Anything ordered before 12:00 is delivered on the same day before 18:00. This is a distance rate delivery of €1,13, counted from the location of our courier in Amersfoort to the location of delivery and back. The minimum price is €78,-. On Sundays, the 'immediate departure' rate applies for to option.

Immediate departure (speed delivery)

Our 'Immediate departure' option is a solution for emergency deliveries. This delivery option immediately messages our courier to deliver the package within 2-3 hours all across the Netherlands. This is also a distance rate delivery option. For 'Immediate departure' this price is €1,55 per kilometer with a minimum price of €78. On Sundays, this price is unchanged. When an emergency option is needed on weekends, please contact our courier by phone to confirm the delivery.

Pick up

Orders can also be picked up at the storage space of our courier in Amersfoort. This does require that you call beforehand so the courier can prepare your products. For pick up, a €10 fee is charged.

Below you will find our courier's address and phone number:

Besseling Koeriersdiensten

De Stuwdam 5

3815 KM Amersfoort

088 – 88 55 875

All prices include 21% VAT.