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Sheepskin mattress

A soft sheepskin mattress. Made from 100% locally produced Dutch wool.


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Quality & size

The mattress is fully made of shorn wool, and the bottom is slightly felted.

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Netherlands and Belgium: ordered before 5 pm, delivered the next day (except for Sundays and public holidays). Returns or exchanges can be made within 14 days of purchase. For worldwide shipment, please contact us through email. 

Dutch wool

The wool of our Sheepskin mattress comes from sheep herds that are used for nature conservation, and the fabric is produced locally. This is special because wool weaving mills have slowly disappeared from the Netherlands in recent years. Since then, almost all local wool has been exported to China as a residual product.

100% wool

This mattress is fully made of shorn wool. The bottom is not actual sheepskin, but slightly felted wool. This makes the product not only environmentally friendly, but also animal-friendly.


The Sheepskin mattress

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Approved by Greenleave


This product has been selected by GreenLeave as a sustainable funeral alternative. GreenLeave is a foundation that funeral directors can join to show that their work is sustainable. All participants follow five core principles: good employment practices, sustainable business operations, sustainable purchasing, fair business and social involvement.

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Frequently asked questions

In order to answer your questions, we have listed a few frequently asked questions.


Is the Sheepskin mattress biodegradable?

Yes, it is made of 100% decomposable Dutch wool.

What is natural burial?

Natural burial is a form of burial where the body is buried in a nature reserve that has been made available for this purpose. Usually, the burial rights of a natural grave are perpetual, and you can choose the location yourself during a walk through the area.
Natural burial

Which products can be used on a natural burial site?

Most natural burial sites require the use of biodegradable materials. In our product overview, you can select the filter 'natural burial' to find out which products are suitable.
Natural burial

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